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Please keep in mind Search Engine Optimization is NOT for all types of businesses. We would really like to help everyone who reaches out to us for our assistance, but we select our clients very carefully.  We have a set of criteria a company needs to meet in order for us to continue with the process.

***We take on a limited amount of clients at one time in order to make sure we give them the utmost attention to the details of their company's needs. We are VERY detail oriented!***

Before we begin, our clients should have:

  • 1
    A business in business. What do we mean? Your business needs to be established and healthy.  We really don't work with start-ups and adult/gambling material. Also, if you want to "GET QUICK CASH" or "RICH QUICK", we are not your people, sorry.
  • 2
    A flowing business that already has leads and clients. This means your company has traffic, already running ads and promotions, already making money and selling your product or service.
  • 3
    A good reputation in your market. This means, we will help you SKYROCKET in the ranks in your market and be ahead of the game, beating your competition in the SERPS.

4...Nope, no 4! That's it! Those are our 3 golden rules.

Now, we just need some information about your business so we can help you accomplish what you want for your success!

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