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Before we begin optimizing our clients' website, we conduct an audit by looking at the written content and their current existence on the world wide web. Our Orlando SEO Company experts devote extensive time to understand what exists on the website currently to determine what is missing.  We create an action plan that each business and each website gets what it needs to succeed. We strongly believe that SEO is definitely a one-size-fits-all.  Each of our clients' campaigns are build specifically for their needs. 


This process involves updating your website using different methods to push our clients rank to page one in the search engines.  SEO is old. Old is gold. Search Engine Optimization takes time and skills to push any competitive business in the digital market realm. It requires a thorough analysis and strategic procedures in order to work properly.  At Leo's Vision, we take careful measures in conducting a site audit to understand the targeted keywords, the required content, what links pointing in and out in order to determine the required changes and improvements to accelerate your business ranking to page one in the search engines.

We also offer video marketing. With a creative vision, we can create a video that will impress your audience, regardless of your niche! We can see that even the largest of brands using video marketing to promote their business, why don't you?

At our Orlando SEO Company, we believe that the key to a successful Search Engine Optimization plan is the keywords research. Our SEO gurus diligently analyze your niche for the best fitting keywords that will drive your business' performance in the search volumes.  

Our experts know that when it comes to an adequate SEO process, the keywords you use to describe your niche, there's multiple words, but which ones will work and help your business rank? From our long years in SEO, we know that keywords don't hold the same value to help boost your business.  When you hire Leo's Vision, we never place ranking over ROI. Search engines like Google always return a more customized result to your business clients who search your niche.  Our experts make sure that your website’s structure, specific content, and page design, along with your entire internet marketing strategy, we focus on specific, high-value keywords that will get you the clicks, the conversions, and the sales. When we take on a client, we tailor the campaign to the business needs.

The SEO campaigns laid out in digestible bite size bits of information in order to clarify what the current website has and what it needs to achieve success.  We like to be clear and honest to ensure that each one of our clients gets what they came to us for.  Our trained staff will keep you informed throughout the process of on-site and off-site optimization. 

Get ahead of your competition with our exclusive tactics tailored to your business niche. If your skeptical because SEO takes a longer time to work, get a consultation today, it's totally free!
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  • We have short-term contracts, or you can make them long, like us, KEEP us, we know you will!
  • We teach SEO or search engine optimization & web analytics to all of our employees, we can teach you too, if you want!
  • Over have over a 100 successful clients in Orlando and all over the world.
  • Always named a top SEO company in the Orlando and the United States on all top industry lists.
  • We integrate SEO with social media, PPC, content marketing, link building and more.
  • Experienced and expert full-time staff locally in Orlando. Leo's Vision's owner is one of the best search engine optimization consultant in the business.
  • We are also international search engine optimization experts (we have optimum translations and we are international SEO efficient ).

Our In-House Quality

Well, we work with businesses who plan on growing in Orlando and all over the world in the next two or three years. Let’s be honest, SEO is not the most significant primary route for a start-up…this is because it has an extended ramp-up period. 

As an SEO agency in Orlando, we know that SEO will provide magnificent results, but you must understand that it can often take more than a year in order to see a actual ROI or return on investment. Several business owners just do not want to invest this much time and effort before they can reap the fruits of their hard labor. We strongly advocate that SEO should not be a primary marketing strategy, but a secondary on that uses in your business along with other methods of marketing and advertising and web design (and yes, we can help with that too!)

We are one of the top-rated Orlando SEO companies locally in Orlando, we  also known worldwide for our genius Search Engine Optimization methodology. We do what other SEO companies in Orlando or anywhere else couldn’t do for your business. We will do what others failed to do because our methodology is not build on blind guessing of what will or won’t work, but we have a clear-cut tactic that has put an immeasurable number of clients at the very top of a simple Google search.