E-Commerce. The Next Best Thing.

SEO for e-Commerce? Is that even possible? The answer is YES! How can this be done? Well, the better your website is well structured and organized, the easier it is for the search engines to find it one a potential client searches for a product you sell. 

Like all the SEO campaigns, e-Commerce SEO begins with keyword research.  Without this, you will be flying blind—just relying on your ‘gut feeling’ to promote your campaign.

Our experts at Leo’s Vision have come up with the “Three Golden Reason for e-Commerce SEO”.

Reason One:

SEO is vital for helping your customers to find you in the search engines.  If you don’t get the SEO for your e-Commerce business, you are leaving potential cash on the table for your competition.

Reason Two:

SEO is the most cost-effective channel to grow your e-Commerce business successfully.  Being completely opposite of PPC or paid search traffic, SEO brings traffic organically in the search at NO cost per click, NO CPC or cost per click, NO cost per impression. Your only cost really is your SEO expert, which will cost way less than your regular PPC.

Reason 3:

SEO is long-term, which means you will reap what you sow!  This is the greatest investment for your business in the long run. SEO gives you results that are cost-effective, targeted, can be measurable and that are long-lasting. There isn’t anybody that can just pulls the plug on search engine optimization, but if you suddenly stop PPC or paid advertising, your traffic will drop right away and it will drop drastically! In the long run, SEO just doesn't stop, it keeps going, giving all it can day and night.

Our Promise:

Our team breaks down your business needs and determines the solutions that are needed for success 

We then move to extensive link building, expanding your off-site presence, and linking to the right channels.

We look and see what your powerful competitors have to understand the key components they take in SEO.

We provide our clients with an in-depth breakdown of our work and show the results they are achieving by their ROI.

We update your website to implement the most powerful SEO techniques for keyword optimization and content.

Know that SEO process is an on-going process; which means, we are constantly updating our current processes to make more positive improvements and better solutions.


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